Wood Seating Chart Deposit

Wood Seating Chart Deposit


Wood Seating Charts- classic and always on-trend. Since every seating chart is different, you can place a deposit order here for your sign. And then depending on how many guests, tables, etc. we will chat about the details and set you up a custom invoice for the remainder payment. We will also make a recommendation on the size of the sign and if we should do more than one sign.


$150 base design/materials fee + $2.00 per guest name

Shipping will vary based on sign size and count but will be approx.- $15-30


  1. Place your $100 Deposit order here

  2. When checking out you can (if you already know this info)

    1. List your guest count

    2. Table count

    3. Wedding date

  3. We will reach out once the deposit order has gone through and we will get all the details nailed down.

Please note that seating chart will take approx. 1-2 weeks to produce. However, you should order the sign as early as possible…it’s okay if you don’t have all the details yet. If you know you want a sign but your wedding date is farther out, the deposit listing is perfect for you!

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