Proper Letter Signature Pen

Proper Letter Signature Pen


Basically the only pen I use on Procreate. It’s a custom pen that has the perfect thin upstroke, thick downstroke. It also a super opaque pen, making the process of vectoring quicker and easier!

This is a digital pen for use with Procreate, you will receive the downloadable link after purchasing.


  1. Open the order confirmation email on your IPAD PRO

  2. Download the brush link

  3. Click “Open in Procreate”

  4. When you open a project, go to your brush library and click “Imported”

  5. You should see the “Proper Letter Brush” in the Imported category

  6. Your pen is ready to use!

If you have any issues downloading and using just send an email to and we can troubleshoot together!

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